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Fission Mobile is an integral part of Cosine's Enterprise System and handles remote data gathering, collection and processing. Fission Mobile is a specialized, fully automated remote data capturing tool used to gather information from the field where a business is performed and to transfer it into the main storage facility where it can be manipulated for optimisation of management decision making. Using our award winning mobile devices, the retail world takes advantage of the most recent technologies for automating its Stock Taking and Goods Receiving, Order Taking and Sales activities.

Sales Module

Sales Module is a Fission Mobile warehouse add-on, which ensures that it can provide field sales professionals the right customer and product information where and when it is needed, helping shorten sales cycles and increase customer satisfaction, regardless of location or connectivity. Our Fission Mobile Sales module helps your sales force to maximize field productivity and effectiveness while away from the office.

Grant your sales force with up-to-date information regarding your business's client's account and information as well as inventory's' products' quantities, pricing and promotions from your external business package every day.
With our fission Mobile Sales module, there is no need anymore to print yours salespersons' visits everyday. Their visits plan can be scheduled and managed easily, and recorded at the same time electronically on their handheld terminal.

Order taking and invoicing are generated quickly showing at the same time past orders and products flow and thus providing improved services to your customers.
Calculate sales totals using latest customer pricing and discount information, keeping at the same time track of sales, returns, stock levels and cash receipts.
Boost end of day completion by calling detailed sales day transactions and activity reports on a single sheet of paper.

Key Points:

  • Data synchronization GSM / GPRS - Edge
  • USB
  • WiFi
  • Multi-Lingual user interface
  • User profile through a security module
  • Salesperson daily routes, activity and history
  • Full management and administration of daily accounting transactions
  • Customer profile, account details, payment terms and balances
  • Up-to-date product pricing, orders and stock levels
  • Complete sales cycle: order taking, invoicing, returns and cash receipts
  • Wide variety of customized reporting capabilities

Why Fission Sales?

  • To increase the level of management autonomy.
  • To improve medium- long term competitiveness.
  • To boost sales performance, and service.
  • To provide transparency, mobility and autonomy for the sales force.
  • To provide an innovative approach for user and environmental friendly business processes.
  • To correspond to customer needs effectively and immediately.
  • To improve loyalty of existing customers, minimize expenses and increase revenue.
  • To provide realistic, scalable and measurable results applicable to processes and services.
  • To reduce the impact of bulk paperwork, and increase the business efficiency.

Order Taking Module

Order Taking Module is a Fission Mobile order taking addon, which ensures highly effective order processing environment, providing a total solution for businesses.

Sales employees can take orders at the clients' site, and send the information to headquarters at any point of time from anywhere through Internet connection. A full price module covers all price options such as price list, discounts, offers, sales total etc. A scheduling function enables the salespeople to keep track of their regular visits. For quick process management, the salesperson can print receipts, invoices and any other type of document via Bluetooth to a mobile printer (matrix & thermal).

Key Points:

  • Order Taking
  • Order Send and Receive through GPRS
  • Predictive Ordering setup
  • Order handling
  • Product Returns
  • Multilingual

Why Order Taking?

  • To keep track of your orders efficiently
  • To perform inquiries on item availability
  • To execute reports about item availability and history

Stock Taking and Goods Receiving Module

Stock Taking and Goods Receiving Module is a Fission Mobile warehouse addon, which ensures highly effective stock taking and goods receiving environment,providing a total Inventory Management and Tracking solution for businesses.
Warehouse employees can keep track of a product's location in the warehouse, from its arrival to the final storage at the warehouse's shelves. On arrival, warehouse employees can arrange the items on the proper shelves. During order fulfillment, items can be located easily and quickly, updating the stock automatically. As a result the back-office has up-to-date information on an item's stock quantity.

Key Points:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Shelf Planning & Management
  • Stock Control
  • Stock Reconciliation

Why Fission Stock Taking and Goods Receiving?

  • Keep track of your inventories efficiently
  • Able to perform inquiries on item availability
  • Execute reports on item availability & history





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