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In the Digital Age that we live in, companies like you have the opportunity to engage and connect with customers and prospects in a whole new and challenging way.  Our i-connect team has been set-up to do just that: giving you the tools to start building a strong digital brand image.  i-Connect services include building your social media presence to developing a full scale dynamic website. 

Our Approach is to review your existing digital presence and to make cost-effective recommendations for improvements to help keep your customers and audience’s interest triggered!


From building your website from scratch to just adding a feature or two to your existing site, we are here to assist you. We arrange meetings to grasp the essence of your business and suggest a design that reflects it, since both the look and feel of your website are determining factors for your digital success. With an open-source content management framework, we build flexible and responsive websites that allow us to add modular functionality to your site to present your content in different interactive ways. By using open-source platforms, we are able to provide high value at low investment cost, hence offering a valuable proposition.

We also train you and your staff on how to interact with the CMF platform, so you can alter your website on your own.  Of course, we are always available to assist as we offer after sales Maintenance & Support service.


Online shops are particularly suited to businesses operating in a niche market or offering well-defined products and services at great prices. Having an online store maximizes the potential of growing your sales turning intrigued visitors into paying customers. Our open-source solution allows you to lower your budget of implementation and to grow your business’ impact.

Front-office features:

 •  Featured products on homepage
 •  Top sellers on homepage

 •  New items on homepage

•  Free shipping' offers

 •  Cross-selling (Accessories)

 •  Product image zoom

 •  Order out-of-stock items

 •  Customer subscription & user accounts

 •  Payment by bank wire

 •  Google Checkout module

 •  Cash-On-Delivery (COD)

 •  Preconfigured for Paypal


Back-office features:

•  Unlimited categories & subcategories, product attribute combinations, product specs, images, currencies, tax settings, carriers & destinations

•  Real-time currency exchange rates

•  Inventory management

•  Unlimited languages & dialects

•  100% modifiable graphic themes

•  Newsletter contact export

•  Alias search

•  SSL encryption

•  Visitors online

•  Customer groups

We organize and build your store in an intelligent and functional way. Part of our delivery includes training you and your staff on how to use and manage your e-commerce store (adding products, completing orders, setting taxes, and choosing payment methods and shipping solutions). Furthermore, we provide ongoing Search Engine Optimization services that help your site get found on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines, and support you on any technical and consulting issues that may come up.


Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are great communication tools since they give you opportunities to communicate with people you might not meet otherwise. When executed well, a social media program can allow you to define your niche in the marketplace, build a community around your brand, stay in front of prospects and customers, and drive more visitors to your website. We can initiate your social media presence, consult you on a specific strategy and approach, and train you how to handle these platforms to help your business grow.

Along with our digital solutions, we offer hosting and design services that we can subcontract, in case you don't have any partners of your own. All of our services are customizable, so just let us know how much you want us involved.





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