Our Approach

Project Management Methodology

At Cosine Consultants, we approach every new project with a fresh eye always aiming for choosing the best approach to match the client and the industry it operates in.

Experience has shown that the use of modern structured techniques and methodologies provide a much greater degree of certainty that a project will result in meeting its stated objectives. For technology projects, we make use of our project management and software development methodologies that are based on PRINCE and SSADM, respectively. We use these two methodologies in combination to create a blueprint of our work regarding a project.


Our Project Management Methodology is designed to help us conduct technology projects effectively and efficiently. To that end, it provides a structured approach to addressing project organization, planning and control, monitoring and reporting.

Moreover, it has been designed specifically to enable project management to achieve its long-standing objectives: to ensure the timely and cost-effective production of all the deliverables; to maintain acceptable standards of quality; and to achieve the benefit for the enterprise for which the investment in the project has been made.

Going deeper into our approach to producing software, the methodology we use to develop a system involves tasks and activities that carry responsibilities in assuring the project success. We aim to develop systems that are of high quality and are addressing all the requirements as specified by the users.
The use of our systems development methodology, in combination with our project management methodology, ensures that our projects are always delivered on time and within budget.

Our software development methodology warrants the following project stages:

Stage 1 - Requirement Analysis
This stage aims at defining the requirements of the project.
Deliverables: Requirements Analysis Document

Stage 2 - Design and Specifications
This stage focuses on transforming the requirements in Stage1 into detailed design specifications, which will specify how these requirements will be met in terms of system functions, screens, fields and processes.
Deliverables: Design Specifications Document

Stage 3 - Software Construction and Testing
The third stage uses the software specifications that were the result of the prior stage, in order to construct the system based on the requirements.
Deliverables: New System (Application Software)

Stage 4 - Implementation
The implementation stage consists of a variety of activities which include setting up the technical operational environment, installing the software and training the users and the administrators of the new system.
Project initiation is marked by the selection of the resources to be involved in the project from the part of Cosine, but also from the part of the Customer. The objective is to create project champions to assist in the implementation process and make the whole project a success. To that end, the customer indicates the people to act as 'key users' and 'administrator' who will be trained by Cosine on one-to-one basis for that purpose.

Cosine offers extensive training to two types of users as specified above. Regarding the administrator training, it takes place in parallel with the project stages. Cosine is asked to assign a resource that will be trained by our expert consultant in a hands-on mode.
Deliverables: Documentation &Trained Users

Stage 5 - User Acceptance Testing
The primary purpose of this stage is to secure final approval and acceptance of the system from the users.
Deliverables: New System (configured, fined-tuned, tested) & Signed Signoff Letter

Stage 6 - Maintenance & Support
After the final acceptance (at the conclusion of Stage 5) all our customers are encouraged to go under a Maintenance and Support agreement so that we can continue supporting them with the following services:
•  Assistance and advice in operating the system
  Software amendments (bug fixes)
  Software Fine Tuning





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