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Cosine offers you expert and professional service and quality before we even present our packaged products or custom designed solutions.Only after we have fully understood your business, established its strengths and addressed its weaknesses, can we recommend the right products and ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefit of an integrated IT system.

Customer support is to IT, what a mechanic is to a racing car. At Cosine we want to make sure you stay on the fast lane and come out a winner.

Aiming to establish long-term relations with our clients, we have been working hard to maintain the high standards of our CYS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification we have been achieving since 2006. Our support team is fully trained in the product area to provide excellent system maintenance services as well as in your environment to provide continuous, reliable support.

How do we assure Quality?
The tasks and responsibilities involved in assuring the quality of the project deliverables are complex and generally not well understood.  Quality, although not clearly understood by many, has only one definition for us and that is ‘conformance to requirements’. Using this definition of quality the level of quality, or more practically, the lack of quality, can be measured in terms of defects or non-conformance aspects.  Our approach to ensuring quality in software solutions is based upon the practices of quality control, quality assurance and quality planning, which are briefly discussed below. 

Quality Control
The definition of quality control is ‘the operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfil requirements for quality’. In other words, quality control is checking for conformance to requirements. With respect to information technology and software engineering the two main quality control techniques are reviews and testing. We believe that it should be mandatory for all written material, whether it is produced internally, by the customer, or by a third party, is adequately reviewed and all software tested and approved before acceptance.

Quality Assurance
Quality control, although vital, is an after the event process. It is product based and results in either a pass or fail of the item being checked. Quality assurance, on the other hand, is the set of planned and systemic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality. In other words, by planning in advance which documents will be reviewed and against what criteria and by specifying what will be tested and how we will ensure that all defects are eliminated. Quality assurance is, therefore, process based and is applied to projects from the beginning through planning, the application of appropriate standards and effective use of reviews and testing.

Quality Planning
Quality planning is an essential part of the approach to project management and we view the importance of the quality plan on an equal basis with the project plan. We will work with the appropriate parties on the project to establish a quality plan, which will guide us throughout the project and will specify everything that needs to be done to ensure the quality of the product and service.

It will define the standards being used, the procedures to be followed and it will define which items are to be reviewed or tested and against which criteria. The actual scheduling of these activities is included in the project plan.





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