laboratory systemFission LIMS is a comprehensive solution for food and clinical laboratory automation. It facilitates sample collection, label tracking, identification and logging, test result registration and customer invoicing.

Also included are comprehensive reporting and advanced communication capabilities such as handheld integration, automated e-mailing & faxing and data export to popular formats such as Excel and PDF.

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Point of Sale

posFission POS is a front line retail system designed for the general retail environment. An impressive list of features allows you do everything from making sales to printing barcode price labels.

Fission POS provides many advanced features that are necessary to save retailers time and money while achieving increased sales and improved customer service, no matter what the economic environment.

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Call Center System

call centerThe Call Centre and Delivery is designed specifically for businesses handling ordering and delivery. The system is stand-alone, but can be fully integrated to Fission ERP or any other ERP accounting System based on your requirements.

The system is enhanced with an accurate mapping and is integrated with one of the most solid servers for database management in the market (Oracle).

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Fission Mobile

fission mobileFission Mobile handles remote data gathering, collection and processing. It is a specialized, fully automated remote data capturing tool used to gather information from the field where a business is performed and to transfer it into the main storage facility where it can be manipulated for optimization of management decision making.

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Accounting / ERP

erpOur newFission ERP is Cosine's enterprise system that is cost-effective and can handle, among other, accounting, stock control, logistics, human resource management and marketing/sales management functions. newFission ERP is more than a standard ERP package in that it is fully integrated with a business intelligence module, which draws from the full range of information captured by the ERP. It will assist you in strategically and tactically supporting your business.

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PPERS for Municipalities

geitoniaThe Polution Prevention and Environmental Reporting System aims to facilitate specific functions though computerization and automation of procedures of municipalities. The automation is accelerated by the use of handheld devices which are being used by the officers supervising the municipality grounds. During tele-intercepts, complaints and comments are recorded on the handheld devices. This information is then transferred at the central unit, which is already installed at the Municipality for management and planning purposes.

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